Anders Breivik and the Far Right

Last summer, 32 year-old Anders Behring Breivik committed the worst atrocity in post-war Norway when he murdered over 80 of his fellow Norwegians. Though Breivik was quickly branded a ‘lone wolf’, the reality was that he was well embedded within a much broader European far right milieu that spanned from his earlier participation in the radical right-wing Norwegian Progress Party, to his support for prominent far right blogs such as Gates of Vienna. Today, and having been declared sane, the trial of Breivik begins. To provide context for the trial, we are publishing an interview that the Economist held with Dr Matthew Goodwin shortly following the attacks last June.

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  1. Erica Blair
    April 16, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    This what they had to say

    ‘We owe a big debt of gratitude to the people who helped give us a leg up. We couldn’t have made it to a million hits without encouragement (and links) from Wretchard, Roger Simon, Charles Johnson, and Norm Geras.’

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