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5 most popular blog posts of 2012

And by Their Friends Ye Shall Know Them As the Taiwan presidential campaign enters its final week, one striking development has been an outpouring of support for President Ma Ying-jeou by some of Taiwan’s leading businesspeople, including Evergreen Group President Chang Yung-fa 張榮發 and Far Eastern Group Chairman and CEO Douglas Hsu (徐旭東). On the one hand, it is […]

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Merry Christmas! We’ll see you in the new year

That’s it from Ballots & Bullets for 2012. It’s been a great year here on the blog. We had updates from a number of elections, including the Tawain elections, guest posts on the French elections from Prof Jocelyn Evans and Dr Gilles Ivaldi of 500 Signatures, and posts on the Russian elections. We’ve had posts from Philip […]

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