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By hiring Di Canio Sunderland is damaging football’s fight against racism and fascism

This post originally appeared in The Guardian‘s Comment is free. In their quest to avoid relegation from the Premier League, Sunderland Association Football Club have appointed a self-declared fascist. By hiring Paolo Di Canio, who has repeatedly made his fascist beliefs known, the Sunderland board has thrown their club (and by extension English football) back […]

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The eurozone crisis and the rise of soft Euroscepticism in Greece

An important consequence of the eurozone crisis has been a rise in Euroscepticism across Europe, weakening the legitimacy of the integration process and undermining the political representation of the citizens in the member states. Just how extensive has the increase in euroscepticism been and what are its implications for the future of European integration? In […]

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Planning to Build a Wall

Last month, it was announced that a 12.5km border wall between Greece and Turkey will be complete within 5 months. The EU is not happy with the plans. Already labelled as the black sheep of the EU family, Greece has been criticised by the EU for falling back on ineffective and heavy handed tactics. A […]

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