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Major-General Tim Cross on Iraq: How did it get here and where is it going?

Major-General Tim Cross CBE was the most senior British officer in the building of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and now in retirement has become a military logistics expert. Here, Tim Cross gives us an overview of the military operations in Iraq over the last two decades and outlines his thoughts on what the […]

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Ten years ago today: a record-breaking rebellion in the House of Commons over Iraq

Ten years ago today, a record-breaking rebellion took place in the House of Commons. It was the largest backbench revolt, by members of any political party, on any subject since Sir Robert Peel’s administration repealed the Corn Laws in 1846, at a time when the franchise was enjoyed by just 5% of the population, and […]

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The invasion of Iraq did many things, putting young people off politics wasn’t one of them

The forthcoming tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War has prompted much debate – including the claim by Sam Parker in the Huffington Post that the invasion of Iraq and Tony Blair’s ‘hubris’ “robbed a generation of their faith in politics”. As a result of the Government’s refusal to change course, he and […]

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