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Libya Special Edition

In response to the developing crisis in Libya, Ballots & Bullets has recently published a series of related posts that have looked at the issue from a number of challenging perspectives, each of which is informed by their author’s academic expertise.

Collectively these posts offer a unique insight into events – now seemingly spiralling out of control – that have too-often been the subject of ill-informed speculation.

Martin Ottmann casts a sceptical eye over the capacities of those disparate forces currently ranged against the Gadaffi regime.

Ben Holland teases out the full – and troubling – significance of the UN vote to allow military forces operating in its name ‘all necessary measures’.

Betinna Renz analyses the pros and cons of the UN no-fly zone.

Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart assess the significance of the overwhelming Commons vote in favour of the UK’s participation in the UN action.

Finally, Pauline Eadie highlights the plight of those forgotten Filipino workers currently stuck in the midst of what has effectivey become Libya’s civil war.

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  1. Nick Nick

    And someone outside the academy noted that the rebels were jihadis, which is now coming to light: ‘flickers of al queda’ anyone?

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