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Politics of Diversity Special Edition

According to Ipsos MORI 75% of Britons believe that immigration is a ‘problem’ while Islamophobia appears to be on the rise.

The three main parties have sought, in their different ways, to address these issues but most of the running has been made by parties beyond the mainstream, on the far-right. Since its disappointing performance in the 2010 general election the BNP has  however gone through a difficult period of internal upheaval and others, possibly UKIP, look likely to benefit.

Reflecting the importance of these issues Ballots and Bullets has published a number of posts that have looked at their different manifestations.

Matthew Goodwin and his co-authors look at how far UKIP and BNP voters overlap.

Lauren McLaren questions whether David Cameron’s much heralded speech on curbing immigration will calm many people’s fears.

Nick Johnson asks how best the Labour party should respond to the challenge of the far-right.

Finally, Matthew Goodwin helps us better understand Islamophobia.

Readers who want to look into some of these issues in more detail might not yet know that Matthew Goodwin has a new book out on the BNP.

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