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Bakunin wins!

CONCEPT – The Nottingham Centre for normative Political Theory – has established a Twitter feed of quotes from political philosophers. It’s now been up and running for a month, at @shortnotbrutish.

Here are the five most popular quotes in the first month, as measured by retweets:

1. When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called ‘The People’s Stick’ – Mikhail Bakunin [top by some way, so this clearly struck a chord].
2. The wise man does at once what the fool does finally – Machiavelli
3. Secrecy is an instrument of conspiracy; it ought not, therefore, to be the system of a regular government – Jeremy Bentham
=4. If you beat your head against the wall it is your head which breaks and not the wall – Antonio Gramsci
=4. I have written on all sorts of subjects… yet I have no enemies; except indeed all the Whigs, all the Tories, and all the Christians – Hume

We now have nearly 500 followers, and we have raised £50 for charity after we were challenged to find the source of a Burke quote that was suspected to be apocryphal. Who says political theory isn’t good for something?!

Mat Humphrey

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