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We Need to Talk About… Integrated Britain

Writing in the Guardian Comment Is Free, Dr Matt Goodwin discusses the government’s latest strategy on integration, following the publication of a key document on Tuesday.

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  1. Mike Killingworth Mike Killingworth

    This is the single most urgent and difficult question – far more so than any economic issue – facing the country. (And, in various guises, most other countries.)

    Whatever else ethnic groups do when they migrate across national borders, they do not do so with any desire whatever to submerge their identity in some “melting pot”. Usually, they hope to make a financial killing sooner rather than later and then go home. Of course they never do: only brigands and pirates do that. So here we have the first deceit: the economic migrant thinks he’s an honest man, but he isn’t really.

    Whatever else indigenous populations do when they open their borders, they do not have any desire whatever to submerge their identity, even a tiny bit, even that of their grandchildren, in some “melting pot”. Usually they hope to exploit and abuse the immigrants and then blame them for everything up to and including the weather. And that’s the other deceit: the indigene thinks he’s a fair-minded chap. but he is nothing of the kind. He’s just full of bullsh*t.

    The politics of race largely consists of choosing to focus on the wickedness of one of these deceits and pretending the other one doesn’t happen or if it does it is in some way excusable.

    Morality requires the equalisation of incomes across the surface of the globe. The ability of the planet to sustain human life requires that this be done by reducing the living standards of wealthy countries. To nutshell the dilemma: the price paid for low infant mortality is racism. Do we really think that politics can be expected to fix this?

    An intelligent politician, realising that ethical (or even logical) behaviour in this matter is beyond his capacity, will simply take the view that he thinks will raise most cash for his Party.

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