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Monarchy: the heart of a heartless political world?

The leaders of Britain’s three main political parties currently support a campaign to rename Big Ben the ‘Elizabeth Tower’ as a tribute to the Queen in her fiftieth year on the throne.

In a post on his personal blog, Steven Fielding reflects on this consensus – and why it is that Britons still look upon the monarchy in such positive terms.

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  1. Why shouldn’t Britons – and Australians for that matter – look upon the Monarchy in a positive way? The systems works well and compared to most republics much better.

  2. Britons are of course entitled to look upon the monarchy in any way they like. But reverence for a hereditary figure who retains significantly more power and influence than most other citizens might make some question the extent to which the UK can be considered fully democratic. I am unsure how far the UK’s supposed stability derives from the monarch’s role – perhaps others can help here?

    • You are right – something which I should have mentioned but our leaders (and to be fair nearly everybody else in the UK) are under the impression that Big Ben refers to the tower.

  3. It’s a weird one really, officially they may be able to rename the tower but everyone knows it as Big Ben. I will still call it Big Ben and I’m sure most people will continue to do the same.

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