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The Cambusters


One of the most read pieces published on this blog to date came during the Conservative backbench rebellion in October last year over a European referendum, in which we provided a list of ten things to note about the revolt. A revised, and much expanded, version of that post has just been published in the latest issue of Political Quarterly. For those who are interested, the piece is here (sub required, unfortunately).

One of the points made in the PQ article – about Labour’s direction of travel – came as a result of a comment made on Ballots and Bullets, in response to another piece we published on the blog the day after the revolt. One other point – about the estimates in the Labour whips office – came as a result of information provided by someone at Westminster who had read the original piece here. These are all good examples of how blogs allow a much more rapid exchange of information, and result in better research.


Philip Cowley and Mark Stuart


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