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Selection of Picturing Politics imagesThe School of Politics and International Relations is committed to the use of social media to share our research and further a wider understanding of politics. Our latest project, Picturing Politics, will feature a series of audio and video clips that will see our academics commenting on the political significance of a diverse range of images.

The series is intended to offer an invaluable insight into the many ways in which politics has been imagined – quite literally – throughout history, and also the ways in which images have been used to shape and influence our understanding of politics.

To this end, Picturing Politics will cover recent events, such as the Pakistan election and the Boston bombings, as well as looking further back in time to examine the significance of Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’ and William Hogarth’s painting ‘The Polling’.

Other topics covered will include the Mexican Revolution, the Iraq War, Trident, and Eric Forth’s brightly coloured ties.

The project will launch in May so watch this space!

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