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Picturing Politics: the 1997 Labour manifesto

In the third post in the Picturing Politics series Prof. Steven Fielding discusses the rise of the party leader and the influence party leaders now hold over their party’s fate. Prof. Fielding examines this phenomenon using the example of the 1997 Labour manifesto – which featured a close-up of Tony Blair’s face on its cover – and looks at the effect this focus on Blair had on the Labour Party. 

new Labour because Britain deserves better 1997


Can’t view the audio player above? Listen to the file here.

You can also download a written version.

Picturing Politics is a series of audio and video clips featuring academics commenting on the political significance of a diverse range of images. The series is intended to offer an invaluable insight into the many ways in which politics has been imagined – quite literally – throughout history, and also the ways in which images have been used to shape and influence our understanding of politics.

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