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UK Politics Academics on Twitter

Image by Johan Larsson
Image by Johan Larsson

Following on from our league table of Politics departments on Twitter, we have drawn up a list of Politics academics that are also using Twitter.

LSE have already produced an excellent list of academic tweeters, which offered a useful starting place, but we wanted to look specifically at Politics academics and find out exactly how many are using Twitter.

As was pointed out in response to the department league table, some academics far outstrip their departments when it comes to number of followers and Klout. What’s more, some department Twitter accounts focus on internal, departmental matters, rather than wider impact. Therefore, individual academics have an important role to play in the dissemination of research.

We’ve put together a list of all the UK based Politics, IR and Public Policy academics that we are aware of on Twitter, but there are probably many more out there. Let us know either in the comments or on Twitter, if we’ve missed anyone.

Once we have a final list we’ll be publishing a league table of the top 50 academics based on followers. You can download a full list here (ordered alphabetically by university) or see our Twitter list.

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    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thank you, that’s a really useful list and added lots more academics to our list.

  1. James Martin James Martin

    I’m not on your list: @profjamesmartin, James Martin, Goldsmiths, University of London

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thanks for letting us know, you have now been added to the list.

  2. Mikko Kuisma Mikko Kuisma

    Additions to your Politics tweeter list:
    @DrMKuisma (Oxford Brookes)
    @Stephen_R_Bates (Birmingham)
    @DrStephenHurt (Oxford Brookes)
    @maendeleo2110 (Sheffield)
    @chrismayLU (Lancaster)
    @docstushi (Manchester)
    @amiskimmon (Royal Holloway)
    @MarkBennister (Canterbury Christ Church)
    @rchlgibson4 (Manchester)
    @nicktmanchester (Manchester)
    @DrLeeJones (Queen Mary)
    @SPGriffiths (Goldsmiths)
    @JonnyFitzGibbon (Canterbury Christ Church)
    @JonathonLouth (Chester)
    @chasing_dragons (Newcastle)
    @RayaKardasheva (KCL)
    @githensmazer (Exeter)
    @NicholasStartin (Bath)
    @drjennings (Southampton)
    @drjohnparkinson (Warwick)
    @martin_oneill (York)
    @RordenWilkinson (Manchester)
    @ygalligan (Queen’s Belfast)
    @ProfMartinJBull (Salford)
    @alex_callinicos (KCL)
    @James_Sloam (Royal Holloway)
    @claudia_aradau (KCL)
    @ClaireAnnesley (Manchester)
    @po1dr (Manchester)
    @RickWhitaker (Leicester)
    @PaulAdamTaggart (Sussex)
    @TheDanHough (Sussex)
    @bombersimon (Newcastle)
    @mattspikedavies (Newcastle)
    @phillipsnicola1 (Sheffield)
    @davidelvis (UCL)
    @alexandreafonso (KCL)
    @dangerdonoghue (Oxford Brookes)
    @jrhopkin (LSE)
    @hesketh1981 (Oxford Brookes)
    @CBelfrage (Liverpool)
    @LeeJarvisPols (Swansea)
    @BryanMabee (Queen Mary)
    @FrancoBrit (Loughborough)

    Could be many others but these from my list…

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thank you for the list, quite a few on there that we’d missed.

  3. CE and SEE Politics CE and SEE Politics

    Some more additions, mainly working on Central and South East European politics:

    @EricGordy (UCL)
    @Gulnuray (Kent)
    @JamesKerLindsay (LSE)
    @AdamFagan24 (Queen Mary)
    @JelenaObradovic (Aston)
    @WillBartlett2 (LSE)
    @DrSeanHanley (UCL)
    @LJNettelfield (Royal Holloway)
    @richmondbridge (Hull)

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thanks, great to have more academics in this field on the list!

  4. Rob Dover Rob Dover

    And me… @robdover (from Loughborough)

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Stewart Davidson Stewart Davidson

    @Dr_S_Davidson – Glasgow Caledonian University.

    Excellent list!

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thanks! You’ve been added to the list.

  6. Lee Savage Lee Savage

    I’m not on there @TheLMSavage (King’s)

    A few others missing:

    @DrAdrianBlau (King’s)
    @rruizrufino (King’s)
    @DrToddLandman (Essex)
    @AleksSzczerbiak (Sussex)

  7. NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

    Thanks, all now added to the list.

  8. Finbarr Livesey Finbarr Livesey

    I might not be on the list, new lecturer in Public Policy at Cambridge @FinbarrLivesey. Thanks

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      You have been added, thanks for letting us know!

  9. KateDommett KateDommett

    Here’s two more….

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thank you for letting us know!

  10. Simon Mabon Simon Mabon

    I’m not on here either: @drmabon lecturer in IR with Middle East focus

    Also: @gordonclubb

    Great list, thanks!

    • NottsPolitics NottsPolitics

      Thanks, and thank you for letting us know, although @gordonclubb appears to be a PhD students and we decided not include PhDs. Had to draw a line somewhere!

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