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Retrospective of the #IndiaVotes2014 blogpost series


With the elections in India over, it’s time to revisit our #IndiaVotes2014 blogpost series organised by Professor Katharine Adeney for Ballots and Bullets and IAPS!


1)      The Continuing Importance of Regional Parties: The View from Tamil Nadu by Andrew Wyatt

2)      What’s left of the Left? by Indrajit Roy

3)      Modi-fying India? A presidential campaign and the challenge of parliamentary governance by Dr James Chiriyankandath

4)      Modi and the United States by Profesor Sumit Ganguly

5)      A historic election or business as usual? by Professor Katharine Adeney

6)      Beyond the Trishul and the Tamasha: Hindu Nationalism in Different Places by Ketan Alder

7)      India’s election: The View from China by Dr David O’Brien

8)      “It’s the economy, stupid”: How the poor economic performance of the UPA regime is a key issue in the Indian elections by Kunal Sen

9)      Modi and non-Muslim minorities by Sajeda Momin

10)   Diverse Development Narratives in the Indian Elections of 2014 by Dr Aseema Sinha

11)   Plus ça change…? Women candidates and the 2014 Lok Sabha elections by Carole Spary

12)   Tribes, Forest Rights & Political Drivers in Koraput, Odisha by Kamla Khanal and Sarah Jewitt

13)   Same Difference: The Congress, the BJP and India’s development by Indrajit Roy

14)   India’s general election: Will the South save or sink the Congress Party? By Dr James Chiriyankandath

15)   Tamil Nadu: The Southern Crucible by Andrew Wyatt

16)   A Transformed Foreign Policy? Foreign policy commitments (or their absence) in the Indian election by Sumit Ganguly

17)   A big ‘U-turn’?  The assumed shock of a BJP success to Sino-Indian relations by Lan-Shu Tseng

18)   Too little, too late – the BJP’s manifesto by Sajeda Momin

19)   Historicising anti-corruption in India’s 2014 election, Part Two by William Gould

20)   Historicising anti-corruption in India’s 2014 election, Part One by William Gould

21)   The Puzzling Case of Cash for Votes by Andrew Wyatt

22)   The Indian Elections: A perspective from Pakistan by Professor Mohammad Waseem

23)   The Making of Narendra Modi by Dr. Aseema Sinha

24)   Pre-electoral coalitions in 2014 by Dr E Sridharan

25)   Is “Programmatic Politics” Possible in the Absence of Party Programmes? Assessing the Alleged Demise of Patronage Politics in India by Rob Jenkins

26)   Aiming to defy gravity – the Aam Aadmi Party in the 2014 Indian Elections by Dr Alistair McMillan

27)   Violence, legitimacy and the Indian elections by Professor Subrata K. Mitra

28)   The alternative politics of AAP, or the anti-politics of NOTA? by Dr Bhaskar Vira

29)   There’s a Health Care Crisis in India by Roger Jeffery

30)   Does Foreign Policy Matter? by Sumit Ganguly

31)   Battle for the Regions in India’s Parliamentary Elections by Louise Tillin

32)   India 2014: The Main Issues by Andrew Wyatt

33)   India’s general election: The Modi factor by Dr James Chiriyankandath

34)   Alliances are the key to understanding India’s general election by Professor Katharine Adeney

35)   And they’re off! 16th Indian general election given green light  by Professor Katharine Adeney

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