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Political Studies: The number one choice for British academics

In the wealth of commentary that followed upon the release of the results of the REF exercise just before Christmas 2014, not much attention was devoted to the places in which British academics working in politics and international relations felt that their very best work had appeared.  But a recent posting on Chris Hanretty’s blog shows that more work submitted to the latest REF appeared in Political Studies than in any other journal, at home or abroad.   In the event, 109 items submitted to the research exercise were published in Political Studies, the lead journal of the Political Studies Association, with the nearest other contender (with 97 items), being the Review of International Studies, flagship journal of the PSA’s sister organization, the British International Studies Association.   Along with the 71 articles drawn from the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, this means that nearly three hundred articles submitted to the REF exercise had appeared in journals published by the two professional associations of academics in politics and international relations working in the UK.

Lead editor on Political Studies, Professor Chris Pierson commented: “We are delighted to see that so many colleagues chose to submit their work published in Political Studies for assessment in the Research Excellence Framework.   It is an indicator of the consistently high quality of the work which is being submitted to us.   We receive, on average, one paper for each day of the working year and our output indicates that we are able to attract research of real quality from every quarter of our wide-ranging discipline.  In recent years, we have innovated, with a number of special online issues of the journal and ensuring that all material to be published is online early.  While we attract a growing number of submissions from Europe, from the U.S. and from around the globe, Political Studies has been a leading journal of choice for British academics working in political science and international relations for more than fifty years. We are doing everything we can to keep it that way.”

Political Studies has been published by an editorial team based in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham since July 2011.   The School previously hosted editorship of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations (2003-2009). 

Political Studies has just set up its own Twitter feed. You can follow us @PolStudies for news and updates about the journal’s activities.

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